Click to download the detailed versions of:

     ECG SmartApp User Manual (.pdf file)


    ECG SmartApp Assembly Manual (.pdf file)



    Software programs

    Try to install ECG SmartApp even without the ECG device. It's free! You can give a look at the App and visualize some ECG example files. If you have some troubles to install the app, remember to enable on your Android smartphone the installation of applications from unknown sources:


    Version 1.0 (tested on Android 4 and 6):

    ECG SmartApp Ver1 (.apk file to install on your smartphone/tablet)


    Version 2.0 (Tested on Android 6, 8 and 10. For Android 10, in case of issues related to bluetooth connection, try version 2.1):

    ECG SmartApp Ver2 (.apk file to install on your smartphone/tablet)


    Version 2.1 (Tested on Android 6, 8 and 10. For Android 10, try version 2.1 if version 2.0 has bluetooth connection issues):

    ECG SmartApp Ver2.1 (.apk file to install on your smartphone/tablet)


    New caliper features for ECG measurements and further digital low pass filters at 100 Hz and 150 Hz are introduced in version 2 and 2.1


    ARDUINO SKETCH (to upload to the Arduino board)

    Tested For Arduino Nano and UNO boards:      Arduino sketch 



    A further ECG SmartApp (version 1.0) is available for an ECG bandwidth at 150 Hz with further digital low pass filters (at 100 Hz and 150 Hz): 

    ECG SmartApp Ver1 at 150 Hz (.apk file)


    ECG file reader for PC

    Here a stand alone application to read, display and analyze the ECG files recorded by ECGsmartApp. 

    ECG_reader (for Windows, tested on Windows 10)

    ECG_reader (for Linux, tested on Ubuntu 18.04)

    Here a example file to test the reader: ECG_example (txt file)